Birds flying low, expect rain and a blow.

Impatient to set sail!

I’m getting itchy paws. It’s been two weeks since I was out on Nocturne and I miss her sooo much. I can’t wait until the humans get some time off and we can go sailing all together again. I’ve been having lots of fun and I love spending time with my turtles, but I just […]

Sailing at sunset

Here are a couple of the photos we took as we sailed to our little hideaway on New Years Eve! It was my first time wearing my new West Marine life jacket! I love it! Dad wasn’t paying attention so I kept a look out. With the flash my eyes match the red orange colour […]

Mouldy matters…

Today I’ve been helping to clean out the wardrobe. It was long overdue and so we knew we were going to see some mould… It was a bit of a mess so I helped drag everything out. After taking out all of the bags and bedding that we had stuffed in there I hopped in […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that wherever you are and whatever you’re doing you have a fantastic time. I’m lucky to be out in Nocturne on anchor this evening with the humans. We’re going to watch all the fireworks from out here. We had a great time getting here from the marina watching the […]

Boys on the boat!

Mum has had to fly back to Nice this afternoon because she has to work tomorrow, but I’m still here in Rome on the boat with dad! Hooorah! Guy time! Let me tell you it’s long overdue too. We love her (when she’s good) but she really can be a pain in the scratchy bit […]

Happy Boxing Day!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying a lovely relaxing boxing day! I’m so lucky we’ve been having lots of fun! Hope you’re all having a lovely time! Bisous Bailey

Flying the flag

Mum’s back and she’s in a great mood after spending time with my dad. I’m still a little miffed I didn’t get to go but it was a flying visit and I had fun here in Nice with the turtles and Elizabeth. Mum has got the boat nice and clean ready for Christmas me! There […]

Cleaning and de-fur-ilising

So I’m home alone today… Mum left last night to go down to Rome and see my dad. He’s working all day but she wanted to clean the boat. I wanted to go too, obviously, but she said because it’s a flying visit I should stay here in Nice and relax. She muttered something about […]

Planning to go cruising.

I’m so happy today because my dad is here in Nice with me.  My mum is really happy too and I think my dad’s got extra salmon points for surprising us last night.  He sent a message to come out onto the balcony and he was standing down in the middle of the street! It […]