Happy Halloween!!!

The photo above shows me in my spooky accessories! I popped them on for a quick photo opportunity while I was checking what was going on outside…. It’s a pretty dreary day with lots of wind and rain. I was wondering what I could dress up as today, as I love being seasonal…. But when […]

Wild weather and salty storms!

What is going on with the weather at the moment?  Two days ago it was clear skies and a lovely catbathing 26 degrees here in Rome.  Fast forward a couple of days and we are getting thrashed around in an impressive storm. Last night was one of the roughest nights I’ve ever spent on the […]

Better to jump before you’re pushed?

So I’ve got a confession for you all.  I went for a swim yesterday!  I was a little naughty and pulled off the mozzie net to the porthole in the bedroom and I stealthily crept out for an evening adventure. I’d really rather not discuss how I ended up hanging off the transom on our […]

Hello world!