Film on Good Friday!

Furiends the humans are back from their secret mission, but I’m afraid it remains top secret for the moment! I promise to tell you as soon as I can! This weeks Film on Friday shows you how quick I am on the lead and how unreasonable my humans are by not letting me jump (uninvited) […]

Dinghy Days!

Happy Caturday furiends! I finally managed to get my film uploaded and I really hope you all enjoy it. Now I don’t want you to panic… in this film I’m not wearing my life jacket. The humans were on their way back to the boat after snorkeling and as they approached I decided to hop […]

Hide and seek!

Naming ‘Nauti’ in Portoferraio!

What an eventful twenty-four hours furiends! We sailed around to Porrtoferraio when the swell really picked up where we were yesterday, by the beach. We spent the afternoon cleaning up and having fun. The humans went into the town for a couple of hours in the evening to have a wander around and something to […]

Dreaming of dinghy days!

The weather is definitely changing here on the Med. It’s still warm, but there’s lots of storms passing through. I’m looking back through my photos from the summer… Oh how I miss the summer and dinghy days! Bisous Bailey

Buzzing with bravery!

I got quite jealous one evening when the humans went out for a dinghy ride without me! I made it quite clear when they came back… That I wanted a ride too! It was pawesome! We did a little circle of Nocturne! I know I usually wear my life jacket, but it was flat calm […]

Super hot Sunday!

It’s super hot here in Nice today! I enjoy sunbathing as much as the next cat, but I’ve had to search out the shade and I’m currently enjoying the cool tiles in the bathroom! I prefer it when it’s sunny but not too hot. I’m missing my dad a lot, he’s hard at work today. […]

Dinghy days.

Elliot the engine’s been evicted!

Elliot the engine is no more! Remember I told you about finding water in the fuel when the humans ended up rowing home? You can catch up here. Well it turns out the carburettor was ruined too. Since this would cost quite a lot of money to sort out, and the little 3.5hp was only […]

How to kill an iPhone, iPad and an outboard simultaneously!

I think I know you all well enough now to confess how silly my humans can be. About 6 months ago they managed to destroy an iPhone, an iPad and an outboard all in one short ride home! How on earth did they manage that? I hear you cry! By being complete muppets! That’s how! […]