A sailor afraid of the wind?

We’ve been having lots of storms rolling through our marina over the weekend with gusts of winds up to 40knts! I’m not afraid of the thunder and lightening, in fact I love watching it out of the portholes! You all know how much I love listening to the rain on the decks too. I must […]

Dad’s in the doghouse!

Usually I only entrust my mum to deal with my litter box. It’s not a complicated job but she does it well and we both know what to expect. Today, however, as mum was about to refill the box with fresh litter dad decided to butt in ‘help’ and try and get the calcium off […]

Catnip is crazy fun!

Furiends, if you’re under legal catnip age please do not read on… OK, the rest of you, I have to tell you that cat nip is PAWESOME! As you know I’m a very active cat and whilst we’re in the marina I only go outside with the humans. Since its been stormy and cold, I’ve […]

Boating with Cats!

Furiends I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to be sent a link from a furiend to an article that I feature in. I wasn’t aware that I was going to be in it, but it’s pawesome and they’ve even credited my website for my photo. (This makes me very happy because some naughty humans have stolen […]

The first time I saw Delphi!

Furiends I’m not the biggest fan of dogs usually (excluding all of my internet buddies of course)! The first time I saw Delphi though, I was really impressed by how well trained she has her humans. She was luxuriously rowed over to my boat… When we met, we both instructed our humans to play referee […]

Hide and seek!

Friends im in trouble…even though it’s Caturday and obviously against the law! The humans took a dinghy ride this morning and I was entrusted to stay in my spot under the other, smaller dinghy. You see if they leave the boat from anytime after dusk I’m cruelly locked inside the boat. They want the boat […]

Exploring the broken pontoons

I can’t quite believe it’s Friday already! This week has gone quite quickly for me because I’ve been so busy and I’m willing Monday to come so that dad will be back and we’ll be setting off again! Today I’ve had a great time exploring the broken pontoons here in the marina. Luckily, I think […]

An uninvited guest at 5 am.

I love to sleep on top of the wardrobe so that I have a great view out of my favourite porthole. This morning at around 5am I was most alarmed when I opened my eyes to see another green pair of eyes blinking back at me. There was a rude feline face pressed right up […]

Beating the heat

It’s absolutely boiling here today furiends. It feels so much hotter here in the yard than it does when we’re in the marina. Maybe it’s because we’re higher up and the heat rises. I’ve been working hard to beat the heat. I got the humans to give me a wet paper towel shower… Even though […]

I’ve broken a bone or my dew claw but it’s not slowing me down!

Well furiends when we arrived at the vet yesterday it was closed! We didn’t realise it was a holiday here in Rome. Since it certainly wasn’t an emergency we waited and went back this morning. It was an eventful morning. When I went in I met a dog. We were getting along fine until she […]