Stalking a human

Sometimes it’s necessary to stalk a human to better understand their behaviour or to gather important information on them. The perfect way to stalk a human is to be prepared and pretend to be a statue when you know they are about to come into the room. The longer your presence can go unnoticed the […]

Clambering through our ‘to do’ lists!

We’ve been working hard on all of our ‘to do’ lists ready for the big move! We’ve given notice on the flat, contacted the electricity company and the phone company… The only trouble is, as we try to tick things off the list, we seem to be adding more and more things to the bottom […]


The plucky pigeon

Today I was horrified to see a pigeon land on MY balcony! I regularly watch them flying by and sometimes they even dare to sit on top of the street lights just down the road, but never have I known one to be so plucky and sit on my balcony! If you excuse the mess… […]

Simplifying is surprisingly complicated!

It looks like a pride of wild cats has run through our flat and torn it apart! We are in the ‘sorting’ stage of our move. With just over a month until mum and I leave the flat and join dad full-time on the boat it’s all stations go! We’re having to downsize a fair […]

Laid back on the bow

Caturday Countdown!

It’s 38 days until I move onto the boat full-time! I’m sooo excited! Isn’t it just… Happy Caturday! Bisous Bailey

Merci Chantal!

I’d like to dedicate this post to my pawesome furiend Chantal! She very kindly sent me a diary and some of my favourite cat treats! Chantal lives in Belgium and travels a lot. She’s our furiend Géry’s mum. (Géry lives on a boat in our marina, he also spoiled us with Belgian Chocolates!) I’m very […]

Carnival de Nice!

The humans went to the carnival last night and took lots of photos! It’s actually really pawesome so I thought I’d share some with you! This year is the 130th carnival and the theme is “King of Gastronomy”. Bisous Bailey

Boat Cat on guard!