Hi from Mallorca!

Chihuahua at sea

Hi Evfurryone! It’s Annabelle! Very nice to meet you all! I’m so excited and a little nervous to be stepping into my big brothers paws! He has trained me well and after a near two-year apprenticeship, I’m able to keep watch with only one eye open… Can you see me? I like to keep watch […]

Nocturne has set sail… without me!

Furiends you might have been wondering where I am and what I’ve been up to… To be honest I’ve been sulking! You see for the past few weeks there’s been lots of heated discussions between myself and the humans about Noccy’s next trip! The humans decided that since we’re not living aboard currently, it would […]

The best laid plans of mice and sailors often go awry!

Well, dear furiends we’re still on land! Mother Nature had different plans for us today! We’ve spent the afternoon at the vet. I had to go anyway for my vaccinations but April and Blue tagged along because we realised that April is in season this morning. This is not ideal since dogs are stupid and […]

My crew are ready!

Today I took April and Blue to get fitted for life jackets ready for our sailing adventures! When April was a puppy she borrowed one of mine that was slightly too big for me, but it definitely won’t fit anymore! They both really look the part now… They can’t wait to go! We take safety […]

We’re in Palmarola!

Today we sailed from Rome to Ponza and it was purrfect. We had a steady breeze and so we were able to turn the engine off for most of our journey! April had fun in the cockpit. She also had a little sleep but I’m the master of cat naps and I spent the day […]

Bailey’s Island

The strangest sea creature I’ve ever seen…

Wing on wing- we’re flying!

We’re flying back to Rome furiends! We decided to stop at a lovely anchorage last night and get some rest because the seas were quite big and we fancied a nice relaxing dinner on anchor. This morning we set off again and we’ve got our sails set in a wing on wing configuration, so we’re […]

Nearly back in Rome!

Furiends not only are we back in Italy but we’re nearly in our home port of Rome! The last few days Noccy has been munching the miles like a pro. We’re just passing Capri and it’s beautiful! We have another 115 nautical miles to go. Which should take us no more than about 20 hours. […]

The engine stopped- Nippy towed Nocturne like a hero!

Furiends, remember on the way to Greece we got plastic rubbish wrapped around our propellor and we were adrift… Well, it wasn’t the only time this summer. We had some engine troubles and the engine stopped. Naturally, Murphy’s Law meant that there was no wind so we were adrift again. We were (thankfully, very slowly) […]