I’m clawing on to the last of the summer!

Furiends, the summer is sliding away from us here in Italy. I’m clawing on and trying to make the most of the last days of summer. I’ve been spending as much time as possible outside and bathing in sunbeams that come through the windows. It’s getting cooler now in the evenings. Some nights I’d even […]

Film on Friday – April’s first time on anchor!

Furiends after a very long break I’m pleased to share a new Film on Friday with you all! It’s a quick snapshot of April’s first ever time on anchor, after our sail to Ponza in July! I really hope you enjoy it! She’s grown so much since then even though it’s only been two months! […]

Noccy is doing well!

Today dad flew down to Rome to check on Noccy. Mum hasn’t gone because of April. Initially I was really annoyed because I thought if it weren’t for April, mum and I would’ve gone too…but mum said she would’ve flown with dad and I would’ve had a friend here to watch over instead of my […]

Welcome to my birthday party in aid of the RNLI!

Welcome furiends! I’m five today! Let’s party! I’ll pick you all up in the dinghy. Then we can go for a quick sail around the island… Then we’ll enjoy some ball games hosted by April. Before finally relaxing and enjoying the sunset together with some drinks and snacks! Remember the more the merrier so invite […]

Tomorrow’s my birthday and you’re all invited to celebrate!

Dear furiends, tomorrow I’m going to be five years old! I’d like to invite you all to come and celebrate with me and pawticipate in my commentathon. For every comment on my blog, Facebook or Twitter I will donate 0.50p to the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboats Institution) up to the value of £150. They are […]

Spring Selfie

Listening selfie!


I’ve had a really hard day relaxing and now I’m relaxing with my mum. She’s been out teaching English and now the two of us are enjoying some chill out time. What are you up to today? Bisous, Bailey

The engine stopped- Nippy towed Nocturne like a hero!

Furiends, remember on the way to Greece we got plastic rubbish wrapped around our propellor and we were adrift… Well, it wasn’t the only time this summer. We had some engine troubles and the engine stopped. Naturally, Murphy’s Law meant that there was no wind so we were adrift again. We were (thankfully, very slowly) […]

Near collision with a day tripper boat!

Furiends do you remember when I told you all about the prettiest waters I’ve ever seen in Anti-Paxos? I told you there was one big problem with the place… Yep…day tripper boats! We’d read and heard that the area was popular with day tripper boats and in an area of such beauty we expected it. […]