Thank you 2013!

I’ve had a pawesome year! I’m so happy to have shared it with all of you and I hope you all have a lovely party wherever you are this evening! 2014 is already looking like it’s going to be even more pawesome…so I’m very excited. I wish all of you, my amazing furiends, a very […]

Wet washing

One of the chores on the boat for the humans is definitely the washing. I wash myself, it’s both quick and efficient. I actually find it quite relaxing to sort out my fur-style. The poor fur-less humans, however, have to use a machine to wash their replacement fur. They take it up to the marina […]

Hanging out!

Hey furiends! How’s your weekend? I’m happily hanging out watching the water and scaring the humans. They’re convinced I’m going to fall in! As if! It’s quite convenient having the folding bikes stored on the stern, they make a great perch for a boat cat! I’ve seen big fish swimming past and I like watching […]

Overjoyed to be outside!

Happy Caturday evfurryone! I’m having a great day outside! I’m supervising the humans scrub the decks! I hope you’re all having a pawesome day! Bisous Bailey

Drama with the dinghy devils!

It’s a beautiful day here. I’ve finally been enjoying some time outside in one of my favourite spots on the ledge. (Up until now it’s been too blowy to go outside…The humans said I’d get blown away!) Because it’s been so rough out, the water is pretty disgusting. It’s all been churned up and there’s […]

Thank you evfurryone!

I really was very spoilt this year! I was very happy to receive presents from my fur-cousins in Cornwall. It was a pawesome stocking! My favourite present inside was a green mouse full of catnip! So… Mabel, Ria and Polly who can be seen in the photo and Lola, Nemo and Cassidy who are fabulous […]

Christmas cheer and cable ties!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVFURRYONE!!! I hope wherever you are in the world you’re enjoying the purrfect day with your loved ones. Santa Paws got my letter and I was VERY happy to receive cable ties! I was very lucky to get some other presents too… I’ll tell you all about them tomorrow. Thank you all for […]

Watching for reindeer!

Hopefully by the time you read this I will be on Nocturne… Or very nearly there! I’m going to spend the evening watching out for reindeer! Merry Christmas Eve evfurryone! Bisous Bailey

‘Twas the eve of Christmas Eve…

‘Twas the eve of Christmas Eve, Santa Paws was getting ready to visit all those who believe. The whole day he had been very busy, He’d checked his box so many times he was dizzy. He looked up longingly towards the sky, Knowing tomorrow was his moment to fly. He’ll deliver smiles and laughter before […]

Merry Christmas Evfurryone!

Merry Christmas evfurryone from my humans and I! Bisous Bailey