Snorkelling in Ponza!

I sent the humans off with the camera today to try and get some photos of the fish… I’m quite pleased with some of the shots they took! They’ve got quite a lot of video footage too and I’m looking forward to watching it and editing it when we get back to the marina. I […]

Mabel’s Hydrotherapy Treatment

My cousin Mabel has CDRM or Chronic Degenerative Radiculo Myelopathy. It’s a progressive wasting disease affecting her hind limbs. It predominantly affects German Shepherds and the Queen’s favourite dogs, Welsh Corgis. It can rarely occur in other breeds too though. This basically means that our darling Mabel struggles to place her feet in the right […]

I went for a swim in honour of Your Cat- Cat Watch Day!

Well, I’m thinking of making swimming a weekly pastime. Yes furiends! I fell in the drink again today! In my defence, it’s National Cat Watch Day being run by Your Cat Magazine, so I wanted the humans to have something pawesome to report when they filled out the questionnaire… It turns out the question that […]