Upside down selfie!

Caturday at cat camp!

Happy Caturday furiends! I’m having a great time here at cat camp. I asked the lovely lady to take a photo of me to send to my humans… It’s very comfortable here and I love this perch! I have a pawesome selfie for tomorrow and we can see where Sharkie and Blue have got to! […]

The star of the show…

Today furiends the star of Film on Friday is… my beautiful Nocturne! I love her! I hope you enjoyed seeing her in her element! Have a pawesome weekend! Bisous, Bailey

Happy Thanksgiving!

Even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Europe, I think it’s a great holiday and appreciating everything that we are thankful for is a wonderful idea. I’m very thankful for amazing furiends and family. I’ve really had my dreams come true this year. I moved aboard full time and my book was published. I’m […]

May I help you?

Leaving my mark!

The humans won’t be able to forget me furiends I’ve made quite sure of it by leaving my mark. You see I absolutely love climbing all over their knees when they’re sitting a certain way. I’ll be honest I do tend to use my claws too… I’ve left little hitch marks on every single pair […]

Ciao from Cat Camp!

Ciao furiends! I’m at cat camp! It’s a lovely place called Villa Andreina not too far away from where we keep Nocturne. I’m still not particularly happy that; A. I’m not going to America too, and B. I have to get off Nocturne, BUT as far as I can tell so far…it’s quite nice here! […]

Raspberry selfie!

Caturday packing.

Happy Caturday furiends! I’m off to cat camp on Monday because my humans are off to London for work and then they’re hopping over the pond to America on holiday! Naturally I’m not particularly happy that I’m not going, apparently ‘it’s too short a period for me to go on a long haul flight!’ So… […]

Have you seen me sailing?

Happy Film on Friday furiends! Here I am sailing! This film was shot in the summer just before we arrived into Ponza, (Italy) as you’ll see I spend most of my time in my travel bag. If it’s really calm, then I venture onto the deck to properly appreciate the breeze. I hope you enjoy […]