The power of Ponza!

So as most of you know, our dream is to sail off and go cruising around the world. We are planning and preparing for our adventure and hope to be ready to leave in a year or two. There are a few projects we would like to do on the boat which we’ll tell you […]

I wish my lunch didn’t have wings!

Anchoring in Ponza harbour.

Today I’d like to show you Ponza town, this post follows on from Caves in Ponza and Palmarola, explaining why I can’t wait to sail back to Ponza in May. Last year we went twice. In May for two weeks for dad’s birthday and then again in June for two weeks with cousin Chlobug and […]

Caves in Ponza and Palmarola.

One of my favourite things about the islands of Ponza and Palmorola is the fabulous scenery and caves that it boasts. Never before in my life, had I seen such natural beauty as I did when we went exploring in the dinghy! I hope you enjoy my photos and agree that it’s just gorgeous… The […]

Paws in Ponza!

I’m having a sleepy Sunday dreaming of the summer when we are hoping to head back to Ponza and Palmorola two magnificent islands off the coast of Italy. We had the best time last year, this was taken as we left the marina. The humans did lots of snorkelling. And BBQ’s and bonfires on the […]

Windy weekend!

Mum left for Rome last night and left me here in Nice in charge of the turtles. Elizabeth is supervising all the feline fiestas! The humans had their friend Guiliano over for dinner last night, because he’s a great guest he brought them some wine, and because he knew they were both there he assumed […]

Fangs for Friday!

Hooray it’s the weekend! Just a quick hello this evening because I’m busy chewing the best new treat ever…. Cat sticks! I can’t believe these little sticks of joy have only just come into my life! I wasn’t sure at first what they were… I had to be convinced! But once I had a proper […]

Bataille de Fleurs

The ‘Bataile de Fleurs’ is an annual event that takes place during the Nice Carnival along the Promenade des Anglais on the French Riviera. It literally means ‘battle of the flowers’ and is a one of a kind flower parade, showcasing some of the beautiful flowers that grow in the South of France. Yesterday mum […]

Birds flying low, expect rain and a blow.

Innocent until proven guilty!

There’s a small mystery in the flat today. When mum came home from work she instantly realised that the orchid had been attacked! Now I enjoy gardening as much as the next cat, but I’ve been busy with other things recently. Mum seems to think that I’m to blame. The other orchid is fine and […]