The humans are on the way back!

The humans are on the way back and although I’m going to make sure they feel really guilty about leaving me, I’m really excited to see them. I’m sure they’ve got lots of pawesome stories to tell me. They enjoyed their last day in Key West with Sharkie and Blue! They had a beautiful hotel […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Europe, I think it’s a great holiday and appreciating everything that we are thankful for is a wonderful idea. I’m very thankful for amazing furiends and family. I’ve really had my dreams come true this year. I moved aboard full time and my book was published. I’m […]

Italian Cat Camp

Today I overheard the humans on the phone… They’ve been talking to Italian Cat Camps! I confronted them and apparently they’re off on holiday soon WITHOUT me! They are going back to Florida for a two week trip at the beginning of next month. Initially I was annoyed… I’m not a fan of human only […]

All sails lead to Rome!

When you read this furiends the humans and I will be underway somewhere between Giglio and Rome. If the wind does what it’s forecast to do we will be following the red line back to our marina. It should take is around 11 hours. I’ll probably spend most of the passage snuggled up safely inside […]

Setting sail soon!

Next month the humans and I will be setting sail for two weeks! I’m so excited I could burst! The feel of the salty air on my fur. The wind in our sails. Bobbing around on anchor as we sleep. It’s going to be purrfect. I hope you all have a pawesome weekend! Bisous, Bailey

Cold shoulder.

Well tomorrow I’m off to cat camp… I have mixed feelings about it. The humans have been giving me lots of excuses as to why I can’t go on holiday with them this time. I don’t accept them as legitimate reasons though! So I’m giving them the cold shoulder! They’ve also tried to tell me […]

Something fishy…

For a while now I thought something fishy has been going on with the humans… I could just smell it… I was right. It turns out they’re abandoning going on holiday without me! I’m lost for words! The worst part is they’re going for three weeks! They’re off to Australia and they told me that […]

Turtle time out!

I’m still not sure what this big surprise is but mum has left to go to Rome and dad has something up his sleeve for them tomorrow. I thought I would be going to cat camp but I’m very lucky to have my lovely furiend Donna and her little girl Méliana who are going to […]

Wistfully waiting for next weekend!

Hooray it’s Friday! That means many of you will be having a couple of days of chilling out and having fun. My humans are working and I’m wistfully waiting… You see I know I shouldn’t wish time away, but I really can’t wait for NEXT weekend because on Sunday we’ll be driving down to Rome […]

Caturday camp climb!

I’m loving it here at cat camp. This morning I’ve been in the jungle and climbed the tree! There’s a safety net around the whole jungle which means I can’t quite make it to the top but it’s still lots of fun. My Siamese friend that was here last time, is also here in the […]