Caturday at cat camp!

Happy Caturday furiends! I’m having a great time here at cat camp. I asked the lovely lady to take a photo of me to send to my humans… It’s very comfortable here and I love this perch! I have a pawesome selfie for tomorrow and we can see where Sharkie and Blue have got to! […]

Ciao from Cat Camp!

Ciao furiends! I’m at cat camp! It’s a lovely place called Villa Andreina not too far away from where we keep Nocturne. I’m still not particularly happy that; A. I’m not going to America too, and B. I have to get off Nocturne, BUT as far as I can tell so far…it’s quite nice here! […]

Italian Cat Camp

Today I overheard the humans on the phone… They’ve been talking to Italian Cat Camps! I confronted them and apparently they’re off on holiday soon WITHOUT me! They are going back to Florida for a two week trip at the beginning of next month. Initially I was annoyed… I’m not a fan of human only […]

Relaxing in the jungle.

I hope you all have a very relaxing end to your weekend. I’m dreaming of being out on the water, ideally fishing. It’s my favourite way to relax! It’s my last weekend at cat camp, so I’m enjoying the facilities here and relaxing in the jungle outside today. I can’t wait to catch up with […]

Caturday at Cat Camp!

Hi furiends! Happy Caturday! I’m enjoying cat camp especially my daily visits to the jungle outside. There are some other nice cats here too but luckily I’m still the favourite! I’m missing the humans a little tiny bit but I’m missing the boat lots! I hope you’re all having a pawesome weekend! Bisous from cat […]

Cold shoulder.

Well tomorrow I’m off to cat camp… I have mixed feelings about it. The humans have been giving me lots of excuses as to why I can’t go on holiday with them this time. I don’t accept them as legitimate reasons though! So I’m giving them the cold shoulder! They’ve also tried to tell me […]

Furry monster!

I’m home sweet home with mum! I’m really happy she’s back because I’ve had extra treats. I couldn’t wait to race out of the parking lot and up the stairs to see the turtles! Then I had a brush because it’s been 33 degrees here in Nice today and I’m hot. Mum says it’s because […]

Caturday camp climb!

I’m loving it here at cat camp. This morning I’ve been in the jungle and climbed the tree! There’s a safety net around the whole jungle which means I can’t quite make it to the top but it’s still lots of fun. My Siamese friend that was here last time, is also here in the […]

Harleys roaring through my marina!

Yesterday mum dropped me off at cat camp. She has to go to London for work for a few days. She went via Rome though because there is a huge festival to celebrate 110 years of Harley Davidson… In OUR marina! Apparently it’s pawesome with thousands of bikes as well as stands, shops and a […]

Home from cat camp!

I’ve just got home from cat camp! I’m soo happy to have my humans back! Dad came with mum to pick me up, which meant I was allowed to poke my head out of my travel case on the way home! It was nice for him to see cat camp, because usually it’s mum that […]