Social butterfly

I’ve been very busy this week entertaining my human’s furiends from Nice and now her mum. I’m quite the social butterfly! Last night I got to go and visit the hotel where mum’s mum is staying (she’s not keen on boats because they make her ill). I had a great time exploring! Unfortunately, my sociable […]

Sailing, Dolphins and Sunsets!

Furiends I’ve got a lovely Film on Friday for you today! It’s a short film of a few clips that were taken as we came around the ‘toe’ of Italy. We were lucky to be surrounded by a pod of dolphins. I hope you like it! It was beautifully calm until we hit the Messina […]

The engine stopped- Nippy towed Nocturne like a hero!

Furiends, remember on the way to Greece we got plastic rubbish wrapped around our propellor and we were adrift… Well, it wasn’t the only time this summer. We had some engine troubles and the engine stopped. Naturally, Murphy’s Law meant that there was no wind so we were adrift again. We were (thankfully, very slowly) […]

Summer holidays and showers!

Happy summer friends! Here in beautiful Acciaroli I really do feel like I’m on my summer holidays, which is why unfortunately after quite some thought I’ve decided to give Film on Friday a little summer holiday too. Over the next two months as we sail and visit new and exotic locations our internet is going […]

Nocturnal aerial view of the marina!

Happy Friday Furiends! This week I have a special Film on Friday for you, it shows my marina at night from my human’s DJI Phantom 3 Professional! I really hope you like it. I think all the lights look beautiful from up there… I wish I could fly! I hope you all have a pawesome […]

Boat Lifting Fun!

Happy Film on Friday furiends! This week you can see my beautiful Nocturne being lifted out of the water! I hope you enjoy it! Tomorrow we’re due to splash! After a week and a half on the hard, I can’t wait to get back into the water. As my dad likes to say, it’s been […]

A brave Dinghy Devil!

Furiends this weeks Film on Friday shows a really brave Dinghy Devil! I like it when the humans feed the fish bits of bread because it makes Fish TV much more interesting. This week a brave dinghy devil came and stole it all! He kept a beady eye on me but since he was in […]

Fish TV for evfurryone!

Furiends I’m so pleased this week to be sharing Fish TV for my Film on Friday! As you can see, it’s always changing and very interesting. I’m afraid to say, sometimes I lose the whole day if I get ‘caught up’ watching fish TV! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I […]

Let me OUT!

Furiends today’s Film on Friday shows me getting a little fluffed under the fur when one of my humans was outside this week working on the traveler project… WITHOUT me! Obviously, this isn’t acceptable because I like to supervise everything that happens on my boat. As you’ll see my yelling worked and my dad finally […]

Walking into the weekend!

Happy Friday furiends! I hope you’ve all had a purrfect week like me. My human has a fitbit and she’s driving us mad by getting extra ‘steps’ by walking on the spot on the boat and dragging us for walks. So although I haven’t had a chance to make a new Film on Friday this […]