Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you’re all having a lovely day and not eating too many Easter eggs! We have finally got some sunshine here in Nice and I was allowed out onto the balcony to check on my daffodils… I’m very happy to report they are doing well and enjoying the sunshine too! Bisous Bailey

Easter projects and daffodils!

After I was wrongly accused of attacking the orchid the humans said we wouldn’t be having any more flowers. But today as mum was leaving the supermarket there were children selling daffodils to raise money for children in need over Easter, and she just couldn’t resist. I think they are lovely… But the temptation was […]

Grey days are for cleaning and snoozing.

I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of March and the weather is still so bad. Today it’s been raining ALL day! It’s not cold particularly, it’s around 13/14 degrees celsius, but its very grey and wet. According to the locals it’s the wettest year the Côte d’Azur has seen in about 25 years! I […]

Up and away!

Vee-berth improvements!

Dad was a busy bee yesterday and among other things, he sorted out the vee-berth. This is where the humans sleep, and they swear it’s the comfiest bed in the whole world! The only trouble was it was getting very humid with the difference in temperature inside and outside the cabin. So underneath, the mattress […]

Thank you from a very happy boat cat!

Thank you very much to all of you for ‘likes’ and encouraging me in the Critters Inflatable competition. If you’ve not had a chance yet you can still help me by liking the photo on this link I think 50 000 was very optimistic for a lifejacket but it’s always fun to have a go. […]

Please help me…

Hello everyone! Please please please can you help me? I’m trying to get 50 000 likes on my Facebook post so I can win an inflatable pet life jacket! Here’s a sneaky peek at the post! This photo was taken after I fell in decided to take a swim. You can read about it and […]

Learning to love the lap pat!

Happy Caturday everyone! I’m learning to love sitting on the humans laps because it means they pat me lots! I like cuddles but I really love pats! The harder the better! If you didn’t know I loved it so much you might look at my humans and think they were cruel patting my back and […]

Happy World Water Day!

Today is World Water Day! It aims to raise awareness of the importance of water cooperation internationally. Water is a shared resource and vitally important for all of us to survive. The UNESCO World Water Day strives to promote the awareness that effective management of rivers and waterways that cross countries and political boundaries is […]

Missing Nocturne

Mum’s left me this evening to go down to see dad. Because it’s a ‘flying’ visit I’m staying here. Obviously I think this is really unfair! I’m missing my darling Nocturne. I want to be with her. There’s nothing better than jumping around the boat! May can’t come soon enough! Then we can sail off […]