The car’s been to the vet today!

A week today mum and I leave Nice and head down to dad and my beloved Nocturne in Rome for our holidays! We have two weeks of sailing planned AND it’s dad’s birthday right in the middle! Mum chauffeurs me in our little French car, while I snuggle down safely in my travel box. We […]

Weather watching…

As you know my humans and I have been excitedly looking forward to our holidays in May. The humans have been looking as far ahead as possible at the weather forecast. We would ideally love a beam reach in a northwest force 3-4, which would enable a nice trip from our marina in Rome down […]

Working hard!

I’m very excited because in just over a week mum and I are doing our monthly drive from Nice down to Rome and we all have our holidays! I’m even more excited because it’s dad’s birthday and we’ve got the most pawesome birthday planned! Last year he said it was his best birthday ever as […]

Puzzling Portholes!

Well it’s starting to warm up here in the Mediterranean and that means we will very shortly be having all our portholes open most of the time. It gets far too hot onboard unless there’s a steady flow of air through the boat. This is grrreat as far as I’m concerned, because I love lounging […]

Preparing to go cruising- side effects!

Our dream to go cruising is steadily becoming a reality as the humans and I are ticking off things, on the very long to do list. We are preparing both Nocturne and our personal lives ready to cast off on our adventure. My humans and I have noticed that our plans and choice of lifestyle […]

Creamy Capture

Happy Birthday Shakespeare!

Today is the anniversary of a very special writer’s birthday…Happy Birthday Shakespeare! If he were still alive today, Shakespeare would be celebrating his 449 birthday! Wow! (I’m not even two yet!) In Stratford-upon-Avon there have been processions and celebrations to mark the birth of the world’s greatest playwright. I’m very interested in writing. I’ve recently […]

The blue planet!

Happy Earth Day everyone! For me, the ocean is the heart of our blue planet. That’s why I’m so happy and privileged to be a boat cat! Onboard Nocturne we recycle as much as possible and try to use environmentally friendly products. (I even have natural wood bedding which I use for my litter.) We […]

Tour of Rome!

Yesterday my humans went and did a tour of Rome. They showed mum’s dad and brother around because they’ve never been to the city before. It’s a beautiful place and I thought you might like to see some of the photos! They took the train into Rome, because from where we live on the boat […]

First swim of the year!

The humans are happy because mum’s dad John and brother Joe are visiting. So yesterday they took Nocturne out and enjoyed the sunshine. The boys decided it was nice enough to swim, so they dropped the hook and… Apparently it was fresh rather than cold, but mum didn’t believe them so she decided to stay […]