Article accomplished!

It’s a beautiful day here in Nice. I’ve been enjoying the sunshine on the balcony this morning before it gets too hot. I’m very excited to have been asked to do an interview with my friends over at Peace Love and Whiskers! Thanks to my silly humans it got lost at sea for a while, […]

Buzzing with Bicycles!

Today marks the start of the 100th edition of the Tour de France! Here in Nice there’s an exciting buzz as everyone waits in anticipation for the race to pass through! The promenade is going to be closed when they arrive but because there will be so many people on the beach still there are […]

Wistfully waiting for next weekend!

Hooray it’s Friday! That means many of you will be having a couple of days of chilling out and having fun. My humans are working and I’m wistfully waiting… You see I know I shouldn’t wish time away, but I really can’t wait for NEXT weekend because on Sunday we’ll be driving down to Rome […]

Victorious after my vaccinations !

I’ve just got back from the vet. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I’m vaccinated against any nasty bugs that might try to attack me. There were a couple of dogs that were smaller than me! They were even pretty scared of me! I quite liked looking at all the posters […]

Sunny side up!

Loyal lighthouse.

There’s nothing more reassuring than sailing along the coastline at dusk, in fog or at night and seeing a loyal lighthouse shining brightly and guiding your way. Lighthouses help sailors navigate along dangerous areas of coastline and help guide boats safely into harbours. They also mark reefs and other potential hazardous areas. Individual lighthouses have […]

Postcard persuasion.

Today I received a postcard! I was really excited… … until I saw that it was from the vet telling me it’s nearly time for my annual vaccinations. I tried to talk my way out of it. I’ve seen the humans say ‘ahhhh’ when they are getting checked over by a vet so I showed […]


The sun is shining and we’ve got lots to look forward to! Life is just pawesome isn’t it?! Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend! Bisous Bailey

Fantastic fibreglass!

A small little crack appeared in the gel coat of the dinghy. Although it wasn’t leaking or anything the humans decided to repair it so that I didn’t catch my paw on it. They applied a very simple method for the repair… They gauged out… Ground out… Cleaned out… Filled out… And finally faired out… […]

Lets get cooking!

We use gas to cook onboard Nocturne. We have an oven and three burner rings. Unfortunately since we’ve been on Nocturne the oven has never worked! It’s an American oven (because Nocturne was based in Seattle for most of her life) and needs parts from America to be fixed. I’m hoping that by telling everyone […]