Stress-free weekend ahead!

My human has finally submitted her portfolio to university today after a big drama about file size, formatting and compressing. She was in such a state that I relented on my tough love approach and sat on her lap to calm her down for a bit! I save these moments for times of need so […]

Getting the humans back up to scratch!

Well the humans have picked up some very lazy habits whilst they’ve been on holiday. I’ve had to remind them quite strongly that their number one priority is, of course, me! They’ve been cleaning and working on the boat before tending to me! I’ve had to nudge them multiple times to remind them they they […]

Messy Monday!

Furiends I’m quite embarrassed by the state of the boat at the moment… It looks like it was invaded by a gang of cats high on nip! I’m not impressed! I can’t even contemplate showing you the photos of the rest of the boat it’s a mess! They’ve really abused the freedom I gave them […]

My human’s got a website

Do you remember a while ago my humans tried to steal my furiends when they were in America? If you missed it you can read about it here. Well now, unfortunately, they’re trying to steal my thunder too! Mum has set up her own boring ‘professional’ author website. She’s going to post updates there and […]

Turtle tank extraordinaire!

Oh my cat I’m sooo excited! My mum’s birthday is in March but since her mum is here, she and mum’s dad have given her her birthday present early! It’s kind of my present too even though my birthday’s not until July… It’s an aqua-terrarium!!! I’ve been checking it out and let me tell you […]

Hanging out

As you know I LOVE being on the boat. One of the best things about being out on anchor is that we get time to just hang out… I take it a little more literally than the humans… I love climbing! I love relaxing just as much as the next cat, but adventure is what […]

Shivering in the snow!

I’ve just heard from my humans! They’re stuck in a very snowy London because their flights have been cancelled! They sent me a couple of photos because I’ve never seen the snow. Never ever! I think it looks soo pretty. My dad’s been doing a seminar all day and my mum went for lunch with […]

Reunited with my turtles!

I’m back in the flat in Nice! We had a fairly smooth journey back from Rome and made good time in the car. It took just over eight hours with two stops at service stations. Mum and I enjoyed listening to a whole audio book on the way back which was nice. I fell asleep […]

Last minute preparations and thank you!

Hello furriends! How are you all doing? Here, I’ve been very busy with the final preparations before Christmas. With both the humans still hard at work it’s fallen to me to hold it all together. Wrapping the last of the presents, making a list of yummy treats for the big day, shopping (mum helped me […]

Seeing stars!

Today I’m very happy and super chuffed to have recieved my third star in the blog of the year award! My second star came from the beautiful and inspiring Zoey from The life and times of Zoey and the third star arrived this morning from a new friend the Journey Man from The Broken Road. […]