Happy World Peace Day Furiends!

Wishing you a gorgeous BLUE Caturday!

I’d like to wish you all a gorgeous BLUE Caturday! I’m so happy on my boat today and I hope you’re all happy wherever you are too! Bisous, Bailey

Lefkas Canal

I was really excited about visiting Lefkas not only because the humans had been there a couple of times without me, but also because I’d never been in a canal before! I wasn’t disappointed! I had a great time supervising as we navigated through the canal! We even had to wait for the bridge that […]

Near collision with a day tripper boat!

Furiends do you remember when I told you all about the prettiest waters I’ve ever seen in Anti-Paxos? I told you there was one big problem with the place… Yep…day tripper boats! We’d read and heard that the area was popular with day tripper boats and in an area of such beauty we expected it. […]

Already missing being on anchor!

Furiends I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m feeling rather grumpy today because after three weeks of being out on anchor, being back in a marina really hisses. Yesterday my humans offered me one last fishy feast… … I declined and chose to set my scaly furiend free again. (I only eat the fish that […]

Very comfy in Vidho!

I was sad to say goodbye to Lakka and my Norweigan furiends this morning. I was especially sad to say good bye to my best furiend Delphi. We shared a meal and my humans got some great photos of the two of us together, which I’ll share as soon as I have unlimited electricity and […]

Heading to Corfu

Either this evening or tomorrow morning we’re going to be heading to Corfu. Unfortunately our trip is starting to come to an end. Mum and I will be spending some time in Corfu while dad goes back to work though, which I’m sure we’ll enjoy. I’m making the most of my freedom while we spend […]

Back in Lakka!

We couldn’t stay away furiends! We’re back in lovely Lakka! Yesterday we met our Norwegian furiends again and motor sailed down to Anti-Paxos and today we’ve come back up to the island of Paxos, to Lakka. It’s really nice to get a different view of the pretty town from our new spot in the bay. […]


The humans were very amused to see the locals waiting for their breakfast outside the fishmongers this morning… They didn’t have to wait long, they obviously have their humans well trained! I decided to eat what the locals eat so I set my humans a fishing task…it took them a while but I was proud […]

The prettiest waters I’ve ever seen!

I’m having a pawesome time here in Greece still furiends. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better we went to a small island south of Paxos, called Anti-Paxos. I’ve never seen anything like it! The water is by far the prettiest I’ve ever seen… I let the humans go ashore to go exploring […]