Defiant dinghy devils!

Enjoying Elba!

I’m having the time of my life! Elba is stunning and I’m spending 90% of my time out on deck taking it all in! When it’s too hot I lounge in the shade of the boom or underneath the kayak. Last night we arrived as the sun was setting it was so beautiful. Today we’ve […]

Loyal lighthouse.

There’s nothing more reassuring than sailing along the coastline at dusk, in fog or at night and seeing a loyal lighthouse shining brightly and guiding your way. Lighthouses help sailors navigate along dangerous areas of coastline and help guide boats safely into harbours. They also mark reefs and other potential hazardous areas. Individual lighthouses have […]

Fantastic fibreglass!

A small little crack appeared in the gel coat of the dinghy. Although it wasn’t leaking or anything the humans decided to repair it so that I didn’t catch my paw on it. They applied a very simple method for the repair… They gauged out… Ground out… Cleaned out… Filled out… And finally faired out… […]

Jumping to July.

It’s my last day at cat camp! I’ve had a fab time, but tomorrow morning mum’s flying back to Nice and coming to pick me up. I’m super excited to see her and of course my turtles too. I’m enjoying a nice relaxing evening tonight because I know that tomorrow I’ll be running around with […]

Happy World Oceans Day 2013!

Wether you live inland, by the coast or on the water we are all connected to and by the ocean. Today is a celebration of our beautiful oceans and all the wonderful creatures and habitats within them. The World Oceans Day website lists these reasons why we should all celebrate today: The world’s ocean: Generates […]


Finding the best spot for a sunset.

One of the best things about living on a boat and sailing to beautiful places is that we get to see the most magnificent sunsets you could ever imagine. I’ve been so lucky to see lots of them and yet I’m still searching for the perfect spot to enjoy them from! Some spots offer a […]

Anchor balls.

A vessel of more than seven metres must display an anchor ball. If it’s dark then an all round white light must be displayed. Our anchor light is pawesome. It’s at the top of our mast and it’s an LED light that uses nearly no power which is great for us since the humans insist […]

Dolphin encounter.

Remember my post delighted by dolphins? I’m still in awe of these beautiful creatures and how lucky we were to engage in some playtime with them before they went on their way. While we were on anchor I didn’t have very good Internet and so I was unable to share the photos that we managed […]