Positive after my promenade!

I went for my first walk in my wheelie bag! We just got back! It was pawesome! For those of you who have never visited Nice, you may not know that right along the promenade is a scary and busy road. Although I’ve been down to the beach before, it took me a moment or […]

Waiting for a wheelie!

I’ve been pestering the humans to take me out in my new wheelie bag. Today was supposed to be the day for my first roll along the promenade. But the weather has turned, it’s poring with rain and the dark dreary day is being electrified by lightening! I’m not afraid of the rumbling thunder but […]

Cloudy Caturday!

Hey furiends! It’s the best day of the week again! It’s rather cloudy here but I’m not letting that dampen my spirits! We’ve been super duper busy recently so I’m taking today to relax and chill out. I hope you’re all having a pawesome weekend and a sunny spirited Caturday! Bisous Bailey

Fearless Friday!

Thank you furiends for being so positive yesterday! I always feel much better with your encouragement! One day I’ll finally train the humans and we’ll be on our way sailing around the world! Anything’s possible when you set your mind to it! Hooray it’s the weekend! Bisous Bailey

Persevering with patience.

I’m trying very hard to be patient but I just want to go cruising! All the excuses that the humans keep using don’t seem very valid to me. Jobs, work, finances and responsibilities, they can’t be that impawtant surely? I want to be out at sea learning and sailing… There’s still a few projects I […]

Comfy contemplation!

What lies beneath?

The humans have been to the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco today. They’ve come back with lots of photos of colourful fish… I think they look pawesome! They had a great time and they even saw a dingy devil on the roof! I wish I could see through the water to see what lies beneath! Bisous […]

I’m on a roll!

Hi furiends! On Caturday I went for a little trip to the pet shop with the humans. As you all know I travel a lot and although I love my carry case, recently I’ve been wanting to try out a wheelie bag! I’m pleased to say we found one which is just purrfect for me. […]

Can you see me?

Can you see me in the photo above? I promise I’m there! Did you guess right? It was my lifejacket you could see in the first photo! I wish we were out sailing today, it’s such a beautiful day. The humans haven’t got their priorities sorted out, they’re off doing something they call work. I’m […]

Cheerful Caturday!

Hey furiends! I’m very cheerful today! The sun is shining and I have new toys and treats! I even have a new blue ball that releases treats when you paw it! Purrfect! I hope you all have a pawesome Caturday! Bisous Bailey