Very lucky to have such pawesome furiends!

Furiends I’m so overwhelmed with how generous our dear friend Pat from the Museum of Maritime Pets is. These are all the other goodies that she sent us all the way across the pond… On top of what I’ve already shown you! There’s a beautiful nautical collar and a lead for April, but at the […]

I’m very lucky!

I’m having so much fun this week. Mum’s mum is visiting and she brought mum and I treats and presents when she arrived… Here I am with mums new scarf and my new mouse and ball! Mum quite often goes for a cycle along the promenade. I hadn’t thought much about it until she showed […]

Working hard!

I’m very excited because in just over a week mum and I are doing our monthly drive from Nice down to Rome and we all have our holidays! I’m even more excited because it’s dad’s birthday and we’ve got the most pawesome birthday planned! Last year he said it was his best birthday ever as […]

Happy Boxing Day!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying a lovely relaxing boxing day! I’m so lucky we’ve been having lots of fun! Hope you’re all having a lovely time! Bisous Bailey

Merry Christmas!

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas from me, Bailey Boat Cat And my little fa-mi-ly! We hope you wake To see snowflakes, Dancing as they fall So you can make a big snowball. Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas from me, Bailey Boat Cat And my little fa-mi-ly! I hope that Santa Paws has been, Even though […]

We love the postman!

We were starting to get worried that we wouldn’t receive the parcel from my mum’s mum for Christmas. So last night we popped a little note on our letter box with our number asking the postman to call us if he had our parcel, otherwise he would take it to the post office and we […]

Last minute preparations and thank you!

Hello furriends! How are you all doing? Here, I’ve been very busy with the final preparations before Christmas. With both the humans still hard at work it’s fallen to me to hold it all together. Wrapping the last of the presents, making a list of yummy treats for the big day, shopping (mum helped me […]

Santa Paws!

  I’m feeling very festive! I’ve being getting into the Catmas spirit. I have my very own tree and most of my presents are now wrapped up underneath it. I’m covered in glitter from the wrapping paper, but all my whiskers are in tact! I’m very happy today! Happy holidays everyone! =^.^=       […]

Wrapping up my whiskers!

I’m busily getting ready for Catmas! (aka Christmas) It’s one of my favourite times of year.  My humans are busy working but I’m soooo excited! I’m currently sitting here surrounded by wrapping paper and lovely presents! I would love to show you a picture but I don’t want to ‘let the cat out of the bag’, […]