My mouse and I

My favourite thing in the world at the moment (apart from Nocturne of course) is my mouse. My gramps bought it for me a couple of months ago and I love it. Mousey and I spend ages playing together everyday. He is extra cool because he squeaks when he wriggles! Mousey and I are a […]

Pawsome Awards!

I’m still fairly new to the blogging world so imagine just how chuffed I was when I realised I’ve been nominated for awards!   My first ever award!    It’s soo cool! I LOVE mice! Especially ones filled with nip!  Thank you Sammy for surprising me with this when I came home from cat camp!   Then […]

Warm and cosy…

Windy in Roma!

Furriends I’m so happy! I’m on my boat in Roma! It’s very windy but I’m nice and cosy relaxing inside. My humans went out for a walk today but I was sensible and stayed at home. Look at what they saw along the beach! The Italian version of Sandy is currently passing through here. Lets […]

Courageous Coast Guards

While on holiday my humans went to a fantastic air show, The Stuart Air Show, at Martin County Airport (Florida).     They saw the US coast guard and a breathtaking display from some amazing aviators.  The coast guard really interests me though as I’m a careful kitty and they are responsible for maritime security […]


Since I came home from cat camp my humans have been giving me extra attention.  I love playing and every single time I ask to play recently… I’ve been indulged!  I’m lucky that they love to play too but usually they get tired before me.  I think they’ve had some kind of play vitamin though because […]

Wishing for West Marine

This is west marine. My humans went to visit the biggest one in THE WORLD in Fort Lauderdale.   My dad was like a kitten in a mouse house! Mum was worried that she had lost him forever to the pumps and little electrical gadgets that only males can get excited about. She said they […]

Turtles and toys!

Today has been a great day! My pet turtles came home. While the humans were in Florida and I was at cat camp Aunty Elizabeth and Uncle Juan looked after them for me. I missed them lots and was soo happy to see them. I helped mum clean the tank and arrange their rocks. I […]

Thankful for furriends!

Even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Europe, I think it’s a great holiday and appreciating everything that we are thankful for is a wonderful idea. I’m thankful for amazing furriends and family, my privileged traveling lifestyle, smooth sailing with following winds, protected anchorages and of course my cat treats!     Speaking of […]

Happy to be home!

Hi furriends! I’m back!!! My mum and dad picked me up from cat camp last night. I’m so happy to be home. As you know I was quite apprehensive about cat camp, but it wasn’t so bad in the end. The human was nice and I got lots of treats. I was a little ‘misunderstood’ […]