Cleaning on Caturday

Today we’re busy cleaning on Nocturne. We always do a daily hoover because my fur gets evfurrywhere because it’s such a small space and I sometimes track litter out of my litter box. (It’s hard not to and I actually quite enjoy watching the humans get extra exercise on their hands and knees cleaning it […]

Messy Monday!

Furiends I’m quite embarrassed by the state of the boat at the moment… It looks like it was invaded by a gang of cats high on nip! I’m not impressed! I can’t even contemplate showing you the photos of the rest of the boat it’s a mess! They’ve really abused the freedom I gave them […]

Cleaning out the closet!

I’m being very helpful today as I’m sure you’ll agree… Why do humans need so many clothes? I’m so happy I have a fur coat, it’s much less hassle! Happy Caturday evfurryone! Bisous Bailey

Salty Stanchions

Hi everyone from cat camp! I’m having a pawesome time here, I love being allowed outside into the jungle. I caught a fly yesterday, so my stalking abilities are improving! Hopefully this means I’ll be able to progress to catching fish this summer. The humans are on their way to Ireland today and they’ve promised […]

Cleaning the bottom of the dinghy

I’m happy to hear that my dinghy has been cleaned this morning! Mum and dad motored around to our good friend Captain Tony’s boat and used the crane to hoist it out of the water. It wasn’t as bad as last time, but there was still a fair bit of algae and slime on the […]

Tubby turtles!

Last night mum and I cleaned out the new turtle tank for the first time! It was great fun! Before, we didn’t have the proper set up, and so we were cleaning the small tank nearly every other day. But this nice new one has a filter, heater and other turtle mod cons and it […]

It’s depends on your point of view…

Mum calls this naughty… I call it helping! What do you think? Bisous Bailey

Smiley Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I’m having a lovely relaxing day watching the humans run errands and do some cleaning! Not much happening apart from that, but we are happy! I’m extra happy because we’re playing with cable ties, which are my toy of choice at the minute! Hope you all have a great weekend! Bisous Bailey

Mouldy matters…

Today I’ve been helping to clean out the wardrobe. It was long overdue and so we knew we were going to see some mould… It was a bit of a mess so I helped drag everything out. After taking out all of the bags and bedding that we had stuffed in there I hopped in […]

Cleaning and de-fur-ilising

So I’m home alone today… Mum left last night to go down to Rome and see my dad. He’s working all day but she wanted to clean the boat. I wanted to go too, obviously, but she said because it’s a flying visit I should stay here in Nice and relax. She muttered something about […]