It’s time for luck

Meowzers! I just realised it’s the 31st! It’s the end of the month. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?! A 12th of the year, done and dusted already! I wonder how many of you are keeping up your New Years resolutions? We’re such busy bees the month has seemed to fly by. 13 is […]

Furry fishing!

Internet withdrawal symptoms.

We’ve been cut off! We knew this was going to happen because we are changing service providers, so we currently have no phone line or Internet connection. The old box is not happy… It’s flashing nasty messages about us not having an account. Our new box has arrived today though. We’re reliably informed that the […]

The epic rise of the ninja boat turtles!

This is the story of my pet ninja’s rise from rags to riches! Michael-Angelo is a red-eared slider and Milo is a yellow belly. The humans were inspired to get them after we saw a sea turtle one day out in Nocturne. We were on our way to Ponza and when we saw these cuties […]

Sunshine seeker

Dad and mum’s mum have left today. So it’s just mum, the turtles and I left in the flat. We are missing them lots already. But we’re busy setting up the new turtle tank and wistfully dreaming of the summer. It’s been winter too long now in my whiskery opinion. I want to be out […]

Turtle tank extraordinaire!

Oh my cat I’m sooo excited! My mum’s birthday is in March but since her mum is here, she and mum’s dad have given her her birthday present early! It’s kind of my present too even though my birthday’s not until July… It’s an aqua-terrarium!!! I’ve been checking it out and let me tell you […]

Laser tag!

Dad’s arrived! He’s got THE best game ever!!!! LASER TAG!!! Bisous Bailey

Suitcase security

My mum’s mum arrived last night and I’ve been busy investigating, and doing some thorough security checks, to make sure that her suitcase complies with my strict rules of the flat. I found these so she was permitted entry… Anyone that brings treats is granted a visa to my world straight away! Today they went […]

Onwards and upwards!

Hanging out

As you know I LOVE being on the boat. One of the best things about being out on anchor is that we get time to just hang out… I take it a little more literally than the humans… I love climbing! I love relaxing just as much as the next cat, but adventure is what […]