April’s first trip to Ponza was a huge success!

Ponza Paradise!

We made it to Ponza! It’s just as beautiful, if not more beautiful, than I remember it being last year and I’m over the moon that my three cousins love it just as much as I do! We had to motor most of the night to get here because there was practically no wind, BUT […]

Provisioning for Ponza!

I’m so excited today because we’re busy provisioning for Ponza… It’s been hard work for the humans carrying all the cases of bottled water and ice tea back to the boat, but we have my three cousins arriving this evening and I want to be sure we all stay hydrated in this heat! The bottles […]

Preparing for Ponza!

I’m very excited furiends because tomorrow we’re planning to sail to Ponza! The humans have the week off and the weather is beautiful so we’re going to make the most of it! It’s such a beautiful island and I can’t wait to get back there and enjoy being on anchor for a while. I might […]

Snorkelling in Ponza!

I sent the humans off with the camera today to try and get some photos of the fish… I’m quite pleased with some of the shots they took! They’ve got quite a lot of video footage too and I’m looking forward to watching it and editing it when we get back to the marina. I […]

It’s the weekend!

I’m so excited it’s the weekend! Normally the weekend doesn’t mean much to us aboard Nocturne because the humans work shifts and our ‘weekends’ are more often than not mid-week. This weekend though, not only are we all off, but we’re heading off sailing! The weather is looking promising, so tomorrow we’ll be setting sail […]

Pizza and moonlit walks!

On dad’s birthday we’d intended to have a BBQ to celebrate but the wind really picked up. With gusts of 24 knots the humans decided to get pizza instead! I’ve never seen such a big pizza! It didn’t last long, so it must’ve been tasty! I was very happy to go for a nice moonlit […]

Dinghy devil distress!

I’ve been very busy today scaring off the dinghy devils… They’re EVERYWHERE! It doesn’t matter how many times I patrol the decks, these silly feathered fiends keep circling and back chatting when I tell them to go away! It’s a full time job keeping them at bay! It’s pawesome doing a job in paradise though! […]

We’re happily sailing!

Ciao from very near Ponza! I’m so happy today! Yesterday the humans were really busy around the boat and they kept talking about the early bird catching the worm…I thought we might be off to go digging somewhere today! It turns out it’s one of those strange human expressions and actually we just got up […]

Sunny side up!