Wonky Whisker!

Party in the port!

Here in Rome the whole port is preparing for a party (festival) this evening… There’s lots of tents up and even though we can’t see inside them yet, it looks like it’s going to be lots of fun! I hope you’re all having a purrfect weekend! Happy Caturday furiends! Bisous, Bailey

Let me OUT!

Furiends today’s Film on Friday shows me getting a little fluffed under the fur when one of my humans was outside this week working on the traveler project… WITHOUT me! Obviously, this isn’t acceptable because I like to supervise everything that happens on my boat. As you’ll see my yelling worked and my dad finally […]

We made an office!

Furiends I mentioned before that we were converting what used to be a dumping ground for boxes and piles of clothes into an office space for mum. It was actually a very fun little project. I’m not going to show you the before photo because the disorganised jumble was far too embarrassing, but I will […]

Hey human…You forgot me!

Everything happens for a reason.

Today was the day we were supposed to be taking ownership of the boat we were in the middle of purchasing. As most of you know it didn’t work out and left all three of us feeling pretty bad. I wrote all about it here. Today however, we’re not moping around we’re busy working on […]

Napping with LOTS of noise!

There’s lots of banging going on at the moment aboard Nocturne and so I’m purrfecting the art of napping with LOTS of noise. The humans are working on the traveler project. They’re building a new one because the old one was rotten and trying to get the bolts from the old one out! This means […]

Profile Selfie

Cleaning on Caturday

Today we’re busy cleaning on Nocturne. We always do a daily hoover because my fur gets evfurrywhere because it’s such a small space and I sometimes track litter out of my litter box. (It’s hard not to and I actually quite enjoy watching the humans get extra exercise on their hands and knees cleaning it […]

The Gramps first ever sail!

As promised furiends this weeks Film on Friday stars ‘the Gramps’ (Stan and Julie)! They visited Ireland with my humans and dad’s Uncle Maurice very kindly let them take out his Beneteau Oceanis 311, ‘Jacko’. The Gramps have been on Nocturne for a look around before, but when they came the weather wasn’t great for […]