My baby sister!

Furiends I’m so excited to finally see a picture of my baby sister! Isn’t she the most adorable puppy you’ve ever seen… maybe I’m just biased! She’s a Blue Merle Border Collie and I’m in love with her already. In one month she will be coming home to live with me and the humans. I […]

Chloe, Jasmine and India are coming!

Furiends I’m so excited that my three cousins Chloe, Jasmine and India are coming to stay with us next month for a week! They are even going to be here for my birthday which is PAWESOME. Their beautiful mum Jenni (dad’s sister) is getting married to the lovely Donal in just under two weeks. The […]

This time next week…

This time next week it will be my last evening in the flat! I’d like to think that I’ll be casually relaxing and enjoying my last night on land. The way things are going though, I think I’ll be supervising last minute packing and frantic cleaning as the car gets loaded up for our road […]

Silent Sunday – Second Screening!

Tomorrow I’ll be triumphant!

As you know the humans have been whispering a lot recently and they’ve been acting suspiciously! Tomorrow this will all have to stop because it’s Answer your cat’s questions day! Yes I know, it seemed a bit odd to me too… They should answer my questions everyday, but it’s a real ‘day’ so I am […]

First proofs!

Over the weekend and again today I’ve been looking through my first proofs for my book! I’m putting the final finishing touches in before it goes to be printed. I’m soo excited! I’m really happy with how the book is coming together and I can’t wait until April when it will be published! I was […]

Cheerful Caturday!

Happy Caturday furiends! I hope you all have a pawesome weekend! Since it’s Caturday I hope all my feline furiends get the attention and treats you deserve. Canine furiends remember to worship the cat in your house even more today, and furless furiends it would be most appreciated if you could smuggle the next hit […]

Comfortably Chauffeured

So tomorrow’s the day I’ve been waiting for! I’m going to be comfortably chauffeured from my flat in Nice to my boat in Rome! I’m so excited! Mum’s at work at the moment and she finishes quite late, so we packed up the car ready this morning. That means that tomorrow we can just get […]

We love the postman!

We were starting to get worried that we wouldn’t receive the parcel from my mum’s mum for Christmas. So last night we popped a little note on our letter box with our number asking the postman to call us if he had our parcel, otherwise he would take it to the post office and we […]